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Volunteer FAQs

Q: I want to Volunteer for the 2024 Copper Rock Championship. How do I sign up?

A: Organizing a Volunteer Team of 400+ Volunteers is an enormous task that necessitates long-term planning.  The Volunteer Registration portal will open October 1, 2023 at  Volunteer registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q:  What are the dates for the 2024 Copper Rock Championship?

A: We have a double header for 2024!  You may volunteer to work one or the other or BOTH!  The LPGA Epson Copper Rock Championship week is May 13-18, 2024.  The 2024 LPGA Senior Championship week is May 20-25, 2024.  The ProAm Corporate events are held Monday through Wednesday each week. A limited number of Volunteers will be needed to assist with those events. Most Volunteer duties will be involved Thursday through Saturday each week. 


Q:  Why is there a fee to be a Volunteer?

A: As is the case with all Tour golf events, there is a fee associated with the Volunteer Package.  The Volunteer Fee for the 2024 Copper Rock Championship will be $75 to work 1 event and $113 (Half Price for the second week) to work both.  The perks you receive with your Volunteer Package are valued at $440-$600 and include:

  • 2 Championship Logoed Golf Shirts (Men & Women’s Styles)  $100 Value

  • Championship Golf Hat $30 Value

  • Complimentary Meal during assigned shifts $45 Value

  • Complimentary Snacks and beverages throughout the day $15 Value

  • Credential granting access to General Admission areas Thursday-Saturday $45 Value

  • Discount Ticket prices for family/friends 10% Discount

  • Free round of golf at Copper Rock Golf Course $150 Value

  • Access to walk the course during Player Practice Round $15 Value

  • Invitation to Volunteer Appreciation Event $40

  • Discount VIP Ticket rate. (VIP Ticket price less the $45 value of your badge.)

  • Those who work BOTH weeks also receive:

    • A commemorative Pin

    • Choice of Additional Round of Golf at Copper Rock $150 Value OR ¼ Zip Championship Pullover $60 Value


In Addition:

  • You get the opportunity to work a professional golf event

  • You get to support incredibly talented young women athletes

  • You experience the teamwork involved as you all pull together to present a top-notch professional event



Q:  How many Hours would I have to work as a Volunteer?

A: All Volunteers are expected to work all 3 days (Thursday-Saturday) unless arrangements have been made/approved in advance.

Volunteer Shifts will last approximately five to six hours. 


Q:  When will I receive my work assignments?

            A: You will receive your work assignments in March 2024.


Q:  If I don’t like my work assignment can I move to a different assignment?

A:  All work assignments will be final.  We will attempt to assign each volunteer to one of his or her assignment preferences; however, in many cases this will not be possible due to the requests for certain work assignments outnumbering the staffing requirements.


Q:  How do I sign up to Volunteer with my spouse, family, friend, etc. Can you schedule us for the same shift?

A: We will do our very best to assign you to your preference and shift.  If you wish to work with a particular individual, make sure you both choose the same work assignment preference and shift preference. 


Q: Are there training sessions for Volunteers?

A:  Some works assignments such as caddies and cart scoring will have MANDATORY on-site training prior to the Championship.  All Volunteers will be invited to an event prior to the Championship to meet your Chairperson, receive training and ask specific questions.  Out of town Volunteers will have an opportunity to communicate with their specific Chairperson via email or text prior to the Championship to ask questions.


Q:  Do I have to wear the apparel Provided?

            A: You are required to wear the golf shirts you purchase when you register to Volunteer. 


Q:  What color pants/shorts should I wear?

            A:  Volunteers are required to wear white, black or khaki pants/shorts while



Q:  How do I get my apparel?

A: Volunteers will be invited to pick up their shirts/hats approximately 30 days prior to the Championship at the Volunteer Tee Off Party.  Those unable to attend may pick up their gear from their Chairperson the first day of the Championship.

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