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 The following code ensures volunteers start with a common understanding of volunteer standards


Be positive and have fun!


Each volunteer shall wear a uniform. The uniform includes official Shirt, black, white or khaki pants or shorts and official headwear. Volunteers may wear alternate headwear due to sun exposure concerns. If volunteers wear alternate headwear, it may not display logos representing other golf courses, golf tournaments, or logos/lettering deemed to be offensive by tournament staff.  While wearing your Copper Rock Championship uniform, remember you are representing the Championship whether you are on or off duty. 


Be courteous and respectful to all Guests, Players, Staff and fellow Volunteers. Maintain a professional level of conduct at all times. A volunteer who is disrespectful, rude, or displays a poor attitude may be dismissed by the Championship Director.


Insensitive or offensive language may also result in dismissal.


Follow all rules and policies set forth by Championship staff.


 Be dependable and punctual.  Allow enough time to park and check-in before your shift. If running late or if you are unable to attend your shift, please call or text your Committee Chair ASAP.


Consumption or use of all alcohol, tobacco products or illegal substances while on duty will result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.


Do not enter corporate hospitality venues unless you are off duty, and have the appropriate ticket for that venue. No exceptions.  The individuals and groups who are in the Hospitality Clubs have paid significant amounts of money for the privilege.  Please respect their financial support of our Championship.


Volunteers will work their entire assigned shift unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance with their Committee Chair.


Do Not ask for autographs and/or photographs while on duty.


Do not lend or sell your credentials to family, friends or a third party.


Respect property belonging to the tournament and its sponsors at all times.

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