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"Breaking Barriers: The Impact of Clyde Companies Leading the Way for Pay Equity"

In an inspiring showcase of corporate responsibility and setting the bar high for gender equality in sports, Clyde Companies has partnered with the Copper Rock Championship, for a second year, to enhance the winner's purse by $100,000 for the 2024 LPGA Epson event in Utah. This significant move signals a challenge to other companies to step up and support female athletes, underscoring the importance of equal recognition and reward in the sports arena.

Jeramy Hafen, President and CEO of Clyde Companies, strongly articulates the company's commitment: “Clyde Companies is committed to leading out and speaking up for gender pay parity. We know female leadership makes a difference within our business and across our community. We are truly honored to partner with Copper Rock and the Epson Tour to support women athletes. Whether we are business leaders or pro golfers, let’s continue to have the conversation and value performance.”

This initiative is more than a financial contribution; it's a rallying cry for businesses everywhere to recognize and elevate the status of female athletes. By joining this cause, companies not only enhance their visibility through strategic placements and social media acknowledgments but also align themselves with a movement that champions equality and fairness in sports.

Join us in this critical mission. Embrace the opportunity to support female athletes and be part of a broader movement towards gender equality in sports.

To become a part of the Pay Equity Challenge, reach out to Elsie Powley at

Stand with us, let's change the game together!

Clyde Challenge 2024
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